What We Do

Cranes Design and Building

Design and build cranes that You desire with PBI Indonesia.

PBI has more than 20 years experience in design and build cranes.

Control System Integration

Have problems with your Control System?

PBI Indonesia could help You to solving problems regarding crane control system, from integrating, installing, into refurbishing control system.

Maintenance and Controlling

Let us do the maintenance of your cranes.

PBI Indonesia gladly helps you to make your cranes always perform in its best condition.


In the Future

PBI Indonesia will provide a test cabinet in the future.

This tool is used for all people who want to learn more about PLC and Drive. Siemens provides this Test Cabinet to PBI.

Two CPUs are used inside this Test Cabinet.

  • S7-1516 3PN/DP
  • S7-315 2PN/DP

There is not possible for these two CPUs to work simultaneously. Only one CPU can work at a time. That is why Test Cabinet equipped with selector switch. Selector switch makes Test Cabinet able to switch from one CPU to another CPU at any time.

If you are interested to try this Test Cabinet, just directly contact us and we will welcome you at our office.

Test Cabinet


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  • Who We Are

    PBI is a worldwide provider of engineering solutions for the material handling industries.
    PBI upholds these three values in every project:
    • A very high degree of quality
    • Reliability in respect of deliveries and due dates
    • Long service lives
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